Happy New April!?

Good morning, this is my first post of the year… Oops.. I swear I update my show page!! Anyway, here is a link to a very special drunk podcast we did on Saturday evening in celebration of my birthday:

I want to promote this one specifically because it’s all about me. And I love when things are all about me. Have you seen my website? It’s literally all about me.

Mama loves her little babies.



Buzzfeed. For a Girl.

Hello all! I was lucky enough to be in another buzzfeed video. It talks about why it’s so stupid to say “For a Girl.” We’re all equal dudes. Hope you all had a good Christmas, I know I did. See you in 2016!!!

The Gisele Show: Mit Friends!

Hello all you love bugs!

Hope you’re all adjusting to daylight savings and cold weather better than I am right now. It takes everything in me to resist the urge to just go to bed at 6PM every day when the sun is gone, and the fact that I am always bundled up in warm clothes now that LA has dropped into the 60s doesn’t help. Who am I?

So last Saturday I had the privilege of being the first stand up comedian to perform on the brand new podcast “The Gisele Show: Mit Friends!”. It’s hosted by the lovely and talented Gisele Nett (@GiseleNett). The podcast is about supporting creativity and sharing it with the world. I have a link below and it is the link to my portion of it (which is about 7 minutes of stand up). If you have the time, you can find the entire show (which I highly recommend listening to) at podcast.thegiseleshow.com. On the full show you’ll hear all the other segments including a goodwill shopping exchange, a few sketches, and an interview with me after my stand up set.

That’s all for now children! Love you!!



Ey yo! Wut up tho?

I was featured on a couple of Buzzfeed videos this month. Doing what I do best, pretending to be drunk and causing a scene. Pretty monumental stuff. Check them out!

This first one is my favorite… Because we’ve all been there right?

I think I personally have been here a bit too often… When will I learn shots hit you all at once?

Hope you enjoy. Share them. Share me. Love me. I love you.


Smodco Morning Show!!

Greetings! Here is the link to my first episode on the Tuesday morning edition of the Smodco Morning Show with Dan and Marty!


They asked me back, which is super awesome! So you can listen live on http://smodcast.com/sir this Tuesday morning (7/14/15) from 9AM-11AM. You can follow the show on twitter and live tweet @NoonerDanMarty or tweet me @CassCardenes!

NOW, this weekend on Sunday 7/19 I will be performing in “Brandonna Summer Lives, Life” at 7PM at the Hyperion Lyric Theatre and Cafe. It was written and starring my very good friend Brandon Alter and is sure to be a divine dose of tranny realness.

I just got home from a family reunion in Colorado. I’m exhausted and I have no food. So right now you can see me LIVE at Trader Joes, where I will be shopping and checking food labels like a mad woman because I watched Fed Up and am afraid to eat anything!

Watch Fed Up on netflix, it’s very good and informative.

OH! You know what, fuck Trader Joes, I’m gonna watch the first episode of Naked and Afraid XL. I had never heard of this show until yesterday when they had the “pre show” special playing on a TV at a bar, but it has my attention. A bunch of crazy people willingly getting tossed into the wilderness for 40 days? Yeah, fuck it, why wouldn’t I watch that?

Adios Turds!

A quick update!

I haven’t posted in a bit, but that is not to say I haven’t been working little children!!

Last Chanz Productions will be going into production on TWO films beginning in August that we are very excited about filming and submitting for the upcoming festival year. A drama and a comedy. Guess which one I wrote? I’ll give you a hint, the comedy stars a female in her 20s…

Next Tuesday I’ll be recording an episode of the SModCo Smorning Show podcast that I’ll post on here. It will be tons of fun and I’m honored to have been asked.

And the week after that begins the rehearsals for a new musical featuring Brandonna Summer that I have small role in. It was written my very good and talented friend Brandon Alter.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Okay! More to come you little weasels!