Cassandra was born in April 1990 to Luis and Joyce Cardenes. After 13 sweet years of childhood in Denver, CO, Cassandra begged and pleaded with her mother to move to Los Angeles so that she could become an actress.


Once here she began studying with Joanna Sanchez (whom she still studies with today) along with different, more specialized commercial or teen coaches. She spent her high school years in Burbank doing drama and show choir. In show choir she learned how to sing, dance, and to win awards. For about two years she ran sound at her brother’s underground stand up show every Friday night in Hollywood. It was there that she learned how much she truly loved comedy. She began taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater when she was 19 years old and hasn’t looked back. Along with UCB she has also taken classes at Improv Olympic, Groundlings, and The Clubhouse.


She currently can be found performing improv and stand up around Hollywood. She also is constantly writing and filming her own material with the help of some of her very talented friends. Check the videos section to see current work, and check back on the blog for upcoming performances! Cassandra is represented by McCaffrey Talent Management and NTA Talent Agency.

She is a founding member of Last Chanz Productions ( and Ladies Lunch Productions.

Thanks for visiting the website you creeps!


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