And God Created Podcast!

Hello everyone! Wanting to add an exciting update on the site, which is that I have started a new podcast and episode one is up one SoundCloud now!!! Listen as Stephen Peltier (screenwriter, 12 years of Catholic school), Mickey Broussard (cohost on Nooner podcast, 12 years of Catholic school), and Erika Curry (comedian, grew up Church of Christ) all explain to me the stories of the Bible!

This is not a religious podcast, nor is it an anti-religious podcast. It’s just a fun look at the bible and analyzing these insane stories that myself and likely many others with loosely religious families (church was reserved for funerals and Easter) don’t really know!

For example, remember Noah with the Arc? Did you know his son saw his dick once when he passed out drunk? Me neither, but that story is in the bible! (I think it’s episode 2 or 3) So please click the link, subscribe and enjoy!