Sitting in my own farts.

I’m sitting outside of the airport waiting to pick someone up and stinking my car up with farts from a weekend of Italian food…. Wait, what? You’re on my website to watch videos, check for show dates, and generally find out who the fuck I am?

Well that’s embarrassing, but also sums up just who I am. Someone with a sensative stomach and an over sharing problem. Check out my stand up to hear more.

Okay, I’ll be frank, I’m just updating my page because it’s time to. I can say this: I have some exciting stuff going on that I’m not allowed to talk about. I SWEAR THOUGH!! 

That is seriously the best way to bullshit people as an actor “oh yeah big things in the works but I’m not allowed to talk about them, you understand.”

I mean it though. Here is a pic I took before and audition for a film that I booked. I can do that right? Oh I’m being sued? Fuck.

YO did you guys know I cut my hair? That’s a career update if I’ve ever heard one. 

Anyway, keep checking back because I love you so much. More details and things coming soon. 

Xox Cassandra