The Gisele Show: Mit Friends!

Hello all you love bugs!

Hope you’re all adjusting to daylight savings and cold weather better than I am right now. It takes everything in me to resist the urge to just go to bed at 6PM every day when the sun is gone, and the fact that I am always bundled up in warm clothes now that LA has dropped into the 60s doesn’t help. Who am I?

So last Saturday I had the privilege of being the first stand up comedian to perform on the brand new podcast “The Gisele Show: Mit Friends!”. It’s hosted by the lovely and talented Gisele Nett (@GiseleNett). The podcast is about supporting creativity and sharing it with the world. I have a link below and it is the link to my portion of it (which is about 7 minutes of stand up). If you have the time, you can find the entire show (which I highly recommend listening to) at On the full show you’ll hear all the other segments including a goodwill shopping exchange, a few sketches, and an interview with me after my stand up set.

That’s all for now children! Love you!!