I did it!!! I think…

Holy shit dudes, after waking up, showering, and then sitting in a towel hunched over my laptop for 4 hours because that’s when I suddenly got all the “motivation” I needed to sit down and build this website, IT’S FINALLY UP! Now, do I have a basic bitch background that needs to be modified? Yes. Are there still other things that probably need fixing? Yes. But it’s 2:30PM and I need to eat breakfast now. Or lunch. Something.

Do I need to tell you what my website is all about? No, right? What else would it be about? Come check my site for new video content I release, any upcoming shows I might be in, anything exciting that might be happening in my career, or just random hopefully funny blog ramblings to keep this site relevant.

I love you all and I leave you with this screen cap from my phone:





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