Something to lighten the mood?

Okay, not really, but here is a video I wrote and starred in back in February. Director/editor/”everythinger” Ranko Petrovic did an awesome job with those old movie effects and the music! Check it out, it’s nice an uplifting 😉


My goodness, the new video I’m in is scary as shit!

I’m not the bravest bear in the bunch (that’s a saying right?) so it’s safe to say that when my good friend Ranko Petrovic posted this video last night at around 1AM on Facebook, I had a hard time getting through it. The weirdest part is that the monster in the video is ME. I’m officially afraid of myself. Well, myself when a lot of scary makeup, music, and SFX are added. Watch the video!

HORRIFYING RIGHT!? Now, I’ll post some pics of the makeup process to help you feel a little better, show you the big bad monster wasn’t real. This was my first time ever getting special effects makeup put on. It took about 2 hours. Super boring, super uncomfortable. Jim Carrey, Ron Pearlman, and of course the full time character actors who do this every day, are truly impressive and I have a new respect for them. My makeup was nothing compared to some of the other stuff out there that takes 5+ hours to do, but looks so frighteningly real… Watch Face Off. I’m not sure what channel it’s on, you figure it out, but watch it. You’ll see.

On that note, I’ll leave you all today.

No wait, on this note I’ll leave you all today:

I entered in a contest to get season tickets to the Kings for the 2014-2015 season, because you know, I’m a huge Kings fan, so duh. Well, after that process of entering, they got cute and crafted up this image. I’m a garbage skater, and you only see female hockey players when they tear it up and dominate in the Olympics, but it definitely put a smile on my face. Go Kings Go! Game 5 today!!!

Number 48, the benchwarmer, Cassandra Cardenes!
Number 48, the benchwarmer, Cassandra Cardenes!

I did it!!! I think…

Holy shit dudes, after waking up, showering, and then sitting in a towel hunched over my laptop for 4 hours because that’s when I suddenly got all the “motivation” I needed to sit down and build this website, IT’S FINALLY UP! Now, do I have a basic bitch background that needs to be modified? Yes. Are there still other things that probably need fixing? Yes. But it’s 2:30PM and I need to eat breakfast now. Or lunch. Something.

Do I need to tell you what my website is all about? No, right? What else would it be about? Come check my site for new video content I release, any upcoming shows I might be in, anything exciting that might be happening in my career, or just random hopefully funny blog ramblings to keep this site relevant.

I love you all and I leave you with this screen cap from my phone: